Jam Fitness

This blog is all about being fit and healthy! I will be talking about home workouts, cardio, fitness outfits, and sports. My name is Nina Jacques and I am a 30-something fitness enthusiast and you would often find me going for a jog with my husband in the nearby forest every single morning. Plus now we have our little girl who we push in the pram as we run too and she absolutely loves it! 

It is so nice to be out in nature every morning and feel the gorgeous natural breeze. 

So if you also have a great love for fitness and sports then check out my blog and get involved!

Benefit of Working Out At home

If you can’t get to the gym or have a super busy life then you could always spend an extra 30 minutes working out at home. There are so many different things you can do including a YouTube exercise video, cardio, and resistance training. 

I have lots of tips on my home workouts section in my blog so why not take a look and get working on your health today!

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