About Nina

Hi, I’m Nina Jacques and I am the blogger behind Jam Fitness. I started getting back into fitness after I got into a big slump when I gave birth to my little girl. I completely gave up on myself and put all my focus into them until I decided that enough is enough and I needed to set a healthy example for her. So I dusted off my old running trainers and started hitting the streets and trust me it was difficult at first but now I am hitting those PBs and feeling healthier every single day.

My husband and I go for a run with my daughter in the pram every morning in the nearby forestry by our home. We love being immersed in nature and really taking full advantage of the nature around us. Of course, when it is colder or rainy we take it in turns to go for a run and one of us looks after our daughter but when we can we love to as a family. 

I am also a huge fan of boxing at my local gym and doing resistance training when and where I can in between my job and looking after my daughter. I hope that as she grows up she also enjoys the benefits of keeping healthy and she takes these values throughout her life. 

My blog Jam Fitness is all about inspiring people to try something new and get healthier. It may take a long time but you will get there eventually and really start to feel all the benefits! 

I will be talking about home workouts, cardio, fitness outfits, and sports, so you should have a wide variety of information to help you get out there and become the fittest version of yourself. 

I can’t wait to share with you all my top tips and the best exercise regimes to work with your body. There is nothing better than finding what works for you and rocking it until you get into a comfortable routine where you are always working to push yourself!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Love Nina x

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