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Sports Massage and Muscle Recovery

One of the best benefits of massage is muscle recovery. After a strenuous workout, the muscles need to recover and rebuild themselves. The better massage you get, the faster this process happens, allowing your muscles to become stronger, fitter, and healthier.

Moreover, when injuries or accidents happen, working out leads to pain, which means your muscles are sore. Sore muscles are a common problem, and muscle pain can slow you down and keep you from doing what you love or achieving your full efficiency physically. Fortunately, sports massage can relieve the soreness and pain to keep you moving.

The following are the major types of sports massages:

Pre-event sports massage

The process begins with assessing any area of the body that might get restricted due to an injury or other physical factors. It may involve stretching or massage to release tight muscles or joints that have been limited by overuse. The muscles are relaxed, and the lymphatic system is activated, ensuring that nutrients are delivered throughout the body. After the massage, the body is ready for physical exercise. Sports massage relaxes the muscles and prepares the body for exercise by increasing circulation and flushing out toxins. This is great for athletes and those who want to prevent injuries. It is also good for muscle soreness from training.

Post-event sports massage

After the event, massage plays a vital role in the recovery process. The level of recovery depends mostly on the kind of event, the athlete’s training, skills, and age. Various types of massage provide support for recovery, including post-event sports massage. The massage should not stop there, though. It should continue at regular intervals because sports massage is good for recovery but not prevention. Regular massage is a great way to prevent injuries, reduce recovery time, and promote faster recovery after a hard workout. It reduces muscle tension and stiffness, improves blood circulation, reduces lactic acid buildup, and promotes the circulation of oxygen-rich blood.

Rehabilitative sports massage

Rehabilitative sports massage is one of the most popular types of sports massage. Rehabilitative sports massage is used to treat injuries caused by overuse or repetitive movements, and other injuries that have not responded to other treatments. Rehabilitative sports massage is intended to treat conditions such as whiplash, muscle strains, ligament sprains, and tendon injuries.

Benefits of Sports Massage 

Helps increase flexibility

Flexibility is paramount during sports. Any sport that involves running, jumping, or twisting will take a toll on your body. Unfortunately, the toll often can’t be reversed by simply taking a day off to rest. That’s where sports massage comes in. The numerous benefits include helping increase flexibility, decreasing muscle soreness, breaking up scar tissue, and increasing circulation.

Speeds up recovery

A good sports massage can quicken recovery after a workout or competition. A short session on the massage table can reduce muscle soreness and even help speed recovery. There are dozens of different sports massage techniques. Still, the common ones are deep tissue massage, which targets the deepest layers of muscle, and Swedish massage, which targets more superficial layers of muscle.

Helps eliminate by-products of exercise

The number one reason for this is because it helps reduce the by-products of exercise. Protruding veins, for example, are the main cause of significant post-exercise pain and soreness. The massage increases circulation, which improves oxygen delivery and tissue oxygenation, resulting in a less lactic acid buildup in the muscles. It also helps reduce soreness, as the muscles recover faster from strenuous exercise.

Improved circulation

Sports massage, also called athletic massage, can improve circulation, reducing symptoms of poor circulation or circulatory issues. Poor circulation can occur because certain blood vessels, arteries, and veins are blocked or narrowed, preventing blood from flowing freely. In extreme cases, this can lead to leg and foot pain, chest pain, achiness, numbness, or tingling—all symptoms that sports massage can treat.

Reduce pain

One of the most common complaints we hear from clients is pain. Pain can be very debilitating and can cause and interfere with our activities of daily living. For some people, pain can become a daily reminder of a physical condition and oftentimes can lead to anxiety and depression. By remedial massage, a professional can help to alleviate pain.

Sports massage is a type of massage designed for people playing sports or doing physical activity. Sports massage improves sports performance, prevents injuries, and treats muscle problems. Early sports massage techniques were intended to aid recovery from injury or surgery. Over time, sports massage became more common and more specialized. Today, sports massage can be used to treat many problems related to exercise.

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