How to Choose Flooring When You Have a Dog

A lot of homes around the United States have a canine family member. Dogs may be fun to have, but when it comes to making your house look nice, they can get in the way of things, especially when it comes to your furniture and flooring. If you are thinking about getting new flooring installed in your home, you have several options available, but with your pet not being able to accommodate your new floor, it is best to try to choose a floor that will accommodate your dog.


Here are a few things you want to consider to help you choose the right flooring when you have a dog.


There are many options when it comes to the color of your flooring. You may be tempted to get a light-colored floor, but your dog can easily crush that dream. Since pets are messy and sometimes these messes don’t always 100 percent go away after you have cleaned them, you’ll want to find something darker that won’t allow stains or scratches to show easily.


Your dog may have passed its training class at PetSmart, but it is still a dog. With dogs often creating messes, you want a floor that is easy to maintain. If you have to spend hours making sure the mess your dog left doesn’t damage the floor, you may find yourself feeling a bit frustrated. If you have a dog, choose a flooring option that is easy to clean and doesn’t require much effort or time to maintain.


It is important that floors be durable no matter who is in the home. There is going to be heavy foot traffic, but you also want to think about the many ways your dog can wear out your flooring. Between scratches and accidents, your dog can easily damage or wear down your flooring. When you go to select what type of flooring you will have installed, find something that can handle all of these things and more, so you won’t have to worry about replacing your flooring in a year or two.

Just because you have a dog doesn’t mean you can’t also have a beautiful home. Pets are messy, but there are ways around this. If you are planning to get new flooring, there are a lot of great options available that will give you the results you are looking for and won’t be ruined by your dog.